AWSAR Awarded Articles 2018

AWSAR Awardees (Ph.D. category)

Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/PDF
1 Adoption of Green Building for Sustainable Growth of Rural India Ashish Suresh Srivastava Download
2 Tales of Fixing the Tails Ajay Kumar Download
3 Population and Ecology Symbiosis – Wetland, Macrophyte and Fish Nabanita Chakraborty Download
Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/PDF
1 Necessity of Gas Sensing In Daily Life: Graphene/Metal Oxide Nanocomposites for Carbon Monoxide Sensing Suresh Bandi Download
2 The Enterprising Life of a Microtubule: “Ups” And “Downs” And Some Peaceful Times Aparna J S Download
3 Structural Prediction of Hepatitis E Virus X Domain to Limit Viral Infection: My Experience Vikram Thakur Download
4 Moss: Little Things Which Can Fill the Huge Glitch in Agriculture Tanushree Agarwal Download
5 Solar Cells – Let’s Brighten The World Astha Tyagi Download
6 Solving The Particles’ Game Using Machine Learning Divya Divkaran Download
7 Naturally Inspired: Understanding How Pomegranate Prevents Pancreatic Disorders Payal Gupta Download
8 Some Tensions are Good for Life Joseph Jose Thottacherry Download
9 Improving the Immune Health of the Muga Silkworm: In A Natural Way- The Probiotic Way Pinky Moni Bhuyan Download
10 Kidney Stones: A Stone That Never Rolls Away Abhishek Albert Download
11 Indian Scientists Developed Functionally Graded Nanocrystals for Improved Solar Cells Ankit Goyal Download
12 Resource Allocation and Energy Efficiency in Cellular Networks In Comparison with How to Raise a Happy and Good Child? Yoghitha Ramamoorthi Download
13 I can Eat Uranium-My Name is Deinococcusradiodurans Manobala T Download
14 Knock-Down Punch to Tuberculosis Eira Choudhary Download
15 Paper Machines for Rapid and Inexpensive, Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Navjot Kaur Download
16 Community Radio for the Upliftment of Farming and Rural Communities in India Aditya Download
17 Making Oil Flow Faster for Cheaper Piyush Garg Download
18 A Way Forward in Ornamental Fish Farming Mahadevi Nagralli Download
19 We the Termites of IISc Nikita Zachariah Download
20 Concerned About Privacy Leaks From Iot Devices? IIT Madras Researchers May Have A Solution! Prasanna Karthik Vairam Download
21 Air Vehicle Which Flaps Its Wings and Flies Ajinkya Vishnu Sirsat Download
22 Missing Not Dead: The Horrifying Story of Man-made Flood Disasters Antara Dasgupta Download
23 Role-Mining the Moonlighting GAPDH Proteins in Cucumber Mosaic Virus Resistance in Plants Bipasha Bhattacharjee Download
24 Teaching and Learning in ‘Acoustical Darkness’ Nithya Subramaniam Download
25 Damage of Brain Wiring in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Abhishek Vats Download
26 Diffusing Bomb of Energy Scarcity Divyashree Arvind Download
27 The Decline and Death of The Protein Empire: Molecular Investigations in Ubiquitination Pathway Sayani Sarkar Download
28 The Changing Brain Neuroplasticity in the Deaf Seema Prasad Download
29 Fly Marathons Preethi Ravi Download
30 Fault Diagnosis of Machines Biswajit Sahoo Download
31 The Smoke that Kills Smell and Fades Memories Anjali Raj Download
32 Bacterial Endophytes: Nature’s Hidden Battalion against Environmental Pollution Neetha Nirupam Jathanna Download
33 Welding Research: Effect of Joint Design on the Corrosion Resistance of Welds Jastej Singh Download
34 Application of a Biomaterial (Urease) in Medicinal Field and other Industries to Remove Urea from Synthetic and Real Sample Sneha Mondal Download
35 Journey of Solitary Waves in Quantum World Gunjan Verma Download
36 Multilayer Mirrors: A New Horizon for Astronomical X-ray Optics Panini Singam Download
37 Unravelling the Mysteries of CRISPR Memory Generation Yoganand Knr Download
38 Screening for X-ALD by Tandem Mass Spectrometry Using Dried Blood Spots Archana Natarajan Download
39 Today’s WASTE is Tomorrow’s WEALTH: Recovery of Rare Earths from Waste Magnets of Wind Turbine Aarti Kumari Download
40 A Wonder Drug Discovered for Chikungunya Treatment Swati Gupta Download
41 Catastrophe in the Nanoworld: Noah’s Ark to the Rescue Harini Gunda Download
42 Satellite Cells– The Unsung Soldiers of the Skeletal Muscle Ajoy Aloysius Download
43 Towards an AI-Assisted Peer Review System Tirthankar Ghosal Download
44 The Missing Link: Contribution of Small Floodplain Tributaries to the Nutrient Budget of Ganga River Soumita Boral Download
45 The Mother of All Problems Dibyajyoti Saha Download
46 The Life Changing ‘Pullei’ Ishani Chakrabartty Download
47 A Cognitive Plant Disease Detector Manjula Thorainellore Download
48 Novel Designing of Reactors Can Help in Producing Natural Fruit Juice without any Preservatives Sourav Sengupta Download
49 Einstein’s Legacy and Songs from the Stellar Graveyard Abhirup Ghosh Download
50 Worried About Being Watched Online? Cryptanalytica is Here to Address Your Privacy Concerns Gargi Mitra Download
51 A Novel Approach for Solar Potential Assessmentusing Geoinformatics for Rural India Mudit Kapoor Download
52 Wound Research: Insights from a Mighty Miniature Model, Caenorhabditis Elegans Pooranachithra M Download
53 Parkia Tree Bean Just another Bean or Future Food? Namrata J Varkekar Download
54 Importance of Halophyte Community in Refining Saline Soil Quality and Maintaining Healthy Coastal Ecosystem Aditya P. Rathore Download
55 Automated Bird Monitoring by Machine Learning-based Algorithms Jyothi R Download
56 Chip-Implant-Contact Lenses a Device for Drug Delivery: A Reality Ankita Desai Download
57 Musa “PisangAwak” (Banana Peel) – A Novel Renewable Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Production M. Balajii Download
58 Maternal Responses to Offspring Death: Insights from Studies on Anthropoids Sayantan Das Download
59 High Spatial Resolution Data for Mapping High-Altitude Glacial Lakes Kavita Vaijanath Mitkari Download
60 It Is Time to Know Your Gut Microbe: Bifidobacteria Dhanashree Download
61 The Power of Hydrogen Sumit Bawari Download
62 Magnetic Nanoparticles Hyperthermia: An Emerging Cancer Therapy Sans Side Effects Surojit Ranoo Download
63 Why Floods Occurs Over Tamil Nadu Coast? Jayesh Phadtare Download
64 From Waste to Asset: Use of Yellow Gypsum as a Source of Sulphur in Agriculture Pravat Utpal Acharjee Download
65 Once Upon a Time in the Arabian Sea Smita Naik Download
66 India Develops a Methodology to Reduce Drag of Ships by 43% Sudhir Chandrashekhar Sindagi Download
67 Low-Dimensional Materials: Unusual Properties and Applications in Nano-Electronics Devices Namrata Dhar Download
68 A Ray of Light Could Be the Answer to How the Brain Recovers From an Insult Arun KM Download
69 Weak Electric Stimulation: An Answer to the Unremitting Voices in a Patient with Schizophrenia? Rujuta U Parlikar Download
70 From Coal to Nanocarbon to Cross Blood Brain Barrier to treat Alzheimer, Parkinson and Brain Tumour Bholanath Pakhira Download
71 Treatment of Kidney Stones Using Diosgenin Reema Mitra Download
72 Tailor Made Rice Varieties for a Food Secure Future Mouboni Dutta Download
73 Kinases: The Heroes without Capes in Cancer Research Sourabh Soni Download
74 Hunting of Treasures in the Wild Bhavyasree RK Download
75 Synergy to Fight the Monster Sobiya Zafar Download
76 ‘Diversity’ is the Road to Transport Sustainability Minal Download
77 Traditional Indian Cereal and its Preparation as a Potent Micronutrient Vehicle Sreyajit Saha Download
78 Aerodynamic Optimization of Humpback Whale Based Leading-Edge Protuberanced Aircraft Wing Arunvinthan S Download
79 Treadwill, a Website for Treating Depressive Symptoms Arka Ghosh Download
80 Investigation on Self-Healing of Recycled Asphalt Mixes - A Method to Incorporate Mixture Properties into the Pavement Design Ramya Sri Mullapudi Download
81 Nanocurcumin: A Point of Care Formulation to Treat Tuberculosis Priyanka Jahagirdar Download
82 Manipulation of Genes: A Promising Avenue for Improved Rice Productivity Anusree Saha Download
83 Slippery Coatings for Highly Viscous Complex Fluids on Solid Surfaces Meenaxi Sharma Download
84 A Non-Contact Approach to Evaluate the Effect of Mindfulness Meditation Jaspreet Singh Download
85 A Quicker Method for Blending Polyethylenes Krishnaroop Chaudhuri Download
86 Utilization of Marine Trash Fish Discards for Organic Nitrogen Enriched Fertilizer Production Aranganathan Lakshmi Narayanan Download
87 Diabetes and Absentmindedness Nabeel K Download
88 Unified Study for Various Types of Fish-Like Locomotion: Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Propulsive Performance under the Effect of Muscles and Flow-Induced Flexibility Namshad Thekkethil Download
89 Development of a Broad-spectrum Sunprotective Formulation for Indian Skin using Natural Ingredients Kumud Madan Download
90 Journey of Versican in Multiple Myeloma: From Diagnosis to fterapeutics Nidhi Gupta Download
91 Into The World of Orchids, In the Mystic Canopies of the Western Ghats Jis Sebastian Download
92 To Live or Not To Live: Liver Decides! Urmila Jagtap Download
93 Tailoring Papaya Resistant to Papaya Ringspot Virus Swati Kumari Download
94 The Future of Communication: Nanotechnology and Light Awanish Pandey Download
95 Doctor of Mice Neenu Jacob Download
96 Is Nanotechnology-related Pollution a Threat to Environment? Tanushree Parsai Download
97 Glass: Superhero in the World of Construction Materials Omkar Powar Download
98 ‘The Serpents’ Grace Chitra Nair Download
99 A Unified Modeling Approach to Improve the Atmospheric Predictability Nishtha Agrawal Download
100 Ultra-Safe Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries Prasit Kumar Dutta Download

AWSAR Awardees (PDF category)

Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/PDF
1 Coin Tossing Explains Activity of Opposite Motors on Phagosomes Dr. Paulomi Sanghavi Download
Sl. No.Article TitleAuthor Name Download/PDF
1 The Mystery Behind Unconventional Protein Secretion and Secretory Autophagy Dr. Sreedevi Padmanabhan Download
2 Embarking towards ‘Swachh Bharat’: Ek Kadam Swachhata Ki Aur Dr Sujata Pramanik Download
3 Tackling Rabies in a Rapidly Urbanising World Dr. Manvi Sharma Download
4 The Backstage Story of My Auto-Reusable Fluoride Receptors Dr. Suchibrata Borah Download
5 Your muscles and Fruit Fly stem cells Dhananjay Chaturvedi Download
6 Stalking Streptomyces on Hunt Dr. Ulfat Baig Download
7 An ‘AWSAR’ to Devise a Protocol for Laser-based Excision of Microscopic Woody Apple Bud Meristem for Tissue-Specific Expression Analysis Dr. Swati Verma Download
8 A Journey from Chronic Tobacco Exposure to Cancer Dr. Pavithra Rajagopalan Download
9 Wood Protectant from Coconut Shell: New Biobased Product for a Safe Future Dr. Shiny K S Download
10 Designer Crystals Dr. Shaunak Chakraborty Download
11 Electrochemical Studies Carried out in Deep Eutectic Solvents and Colloidal Suspensions Dr. Anu Renjith Download
12 Fish-Parasite Sentinel System-An Emerging Integrated Biomonitoring Tool in the Offing Dr. Ummer Zargar Download
13 Pre- and Post-digestion of microalgae makes an efficient energy product (Biogas) Dr. Megha Mathur Download
14 Anti-inflammatory and anti diabetic action of Arachidonic acid and its metabolite Lipoxin A4 Dr. Naveen Kumar Venkata Gundala Download
15 Relieving stress? Plants and human beings engage similar molecular crosstalk Hemoglobin in plants? Dr. Neha Singh Download
16 Check Met! Dr. Adhish Walvekar Download
17 The curious case of the ants in my plants friends Dr. Joyshree Chanam Download
18 Role of Zebrafish C-Reactive Protein in infiltration of Macrophages during Bacterial Pathogenesis Dr. Shuvasree Sarkar Download
19 Modified Curcumin (Haldi): A hope in preventing brain cell death in Parkinson’s disease Dr. Nuzhat Ahsan Download
20 Predicting Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall: Moving from Multiple to Single Forecast Dr. Swati Bhomia Download